Monday, February 8, 2010

Celebrate the Boy!

Check out the new button on the right!  All this month, my blogger friend, Rae is having guest bloggers, projects and giveaways all for BOYS!  Any of you with boys know that it is difficult to find projects for our boys unless you create your own.  I know I'm certainly not that creative, so I am VERY excited to get ideas from people who are!  She's had an awesome lineup so far!  Thanks again for doing this for us moms-of-boys, Rae!

On a different note, my intentions had been to post much more frequently than I have been.  However right now, there are so many things I can't tell about, it makes it hard to come here and 'chat' without mentioning those things.  So I must confess I've been neglecting this little area just a little bit.  Hopefully not for much longer!  Stayed tuned all my multitudes of readers! (huge laugh out loud after typing that sentence.)