About Me

So what is a Scooch Monkey, anyway?  It's my kids' nicknames.  My first son, Scooch, got his name from the way he could never sit still, always scooching around.  He's still exactly the same.  He'll climb up into my lap and snuggle for about 2.5 seconds before he's wriggling and scooching all over.  It makes me laugh.  Scooch just turned three, and we're enjoying the fun times that potty training brings at the moment.  My second son was named Monkey for being a silly baby.  Monkey is so serious most of the time, and then will do something so funny, like he'd been saving it up for the right moment when it would get the biggest laughs.  He will be one in October.  Being their mom is the most rewarding job I've ever had; and also the most frustrating and tiring.  I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, even on days when I wonder if we'll all survive until bedtime.

Aside from being a mommy, I also sew and knit and try to take pretty pictures.  I have a huge papercraft hobby as well, but it is unfortunately in storage at the moment.  In my previous life (by that I mean pre-marriage), I was a musical theater performer and IT geek.  I currently live in West Yorkshire, England where, after a year, I am still in love with the landscape.  My husband asked me why I don't knit in the car anymore, and I told him that I didn't want to miss the view!  I'm always struggling to get the balance right between mommy, housewife, and finding time for the things I like.  I blog about the things I make, the things I like (and sometimes don't like) and some of our little adventures along the way.