Thursday, April 15, 2010


Stomach bugs are scary when you're pregnant!  That is all.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rust no more, Steel Wool!

Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know this before now, but I'm posting in the hopes that I'm not the only one.  I love how steel wool cleans stuff that nothing else can clean, and makes my sinks look brand new every time I scrub them.  But, if I don't use it all, I really dislike the big rust spot I get on my sink from the leftover bits.  A rust spot that, funny enough, only steel wool will get off!  So I tried a few different things to make it last longer.  I tried a soap dish.  No good.  I tried cutting off the used part.  This worked, but messes up my scissors and is unnecessary.  What I found worked best was this:  First, and most important, shake out the water.  Get as much water out as you can.  Then simply stand it up and lean it against something, like the side of the faucet or liquid soap bottle.  That's it!  So simple you'd think it wouldn't be so hard to come up with.  I even asked my mother how she kept hers from rusting and she said she didn't.  Anyway, if I'm the only person in the world besides my mother who hadn't thought of this already, then I just exposed my mental capacity to the blog world.  Otherwise, I hope someone finds this helpful!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Soon. And rant.

In 4 weeks, we finally get to find out whether we're having a boy or a girl.  I still don't think I have a definite preference.  Of course it goes without saying that we want a healthy baby.  Speaking of, I find it funny when people get so annoyed when someone talks about being in the Pink/Blue club instead of focusing on their baby being healthy.  I think it's just an unspoken certainty that all parents want their child to be healthy.  Just because we don't always state that at the same time as stating our gender preference doesn't mean we want our baby to be a specific gender over being healthy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Banana Bread

I don't know what's going on with this baking streak I've had the past week or so, but I'm trying not to think too hard about it for fear it will disappear.  My little man loves to help these days, so he helped me make the bread.  He loves to beat eggs and hold the bowl while I mix.  So when it was in the oven and he came back to the kitchen looking for more to do, I showed him that it was baking.  He stood with his face pressed to the oven, talking to the bread for a while.  Oh that boy.  *love*

Scooch got to have a piece for dessert tonight, so he got to taste the fruits of his labor.  He quite enjoyed it I do think!

Another completed Travel Baby Bag

After I posted about making bags again, I sold the first one before I had even finished it!  Yay! So, while I don't have any bags in my Etsy shop yet, I do have photos of the one I just finished (and sold!).

The ladybugs and black trim are my favorite parts of this bag.  I wish I had a nice blank wall to photograph things in front of.  Maybe in the next place we live...  Instead, for now, you get to see out my current kitchen window *smile*.  Now, back to the sewing machine while I can still get away with not packing!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I was too busy eating rhubarb all weekend to write this post before now...  Last summer my mother came for a visit and brought fresh rhubarb from my parent's garden.  While she was here we made, hmm, something with rhubarb, I can't really remember now...  But I froze the rest to enjoy during the chilly months when summer dreams are floating in everyone's heads.  I never got around to it.  Now that we're moving, we're cleaning out the freezer, and I decided to make use of that rhubarb, as well as a half recipe of pie crust I had made for Thanksgiving.  I ended up making Strawberry-Rhubarb pie.  YUM!

Isn't it beeeeutiful?! Now, after I thawed the rhubarb, there was a lot of juice in the container.  I drained most of it out so the pie wasn't really runny, but I didn't want to throw it away.  I ended up mixing it with some lemon-lime soda.  Again, YUM!  It was really potent and quite a nice prelude to the pie.

Next up, banana bread!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Spring!!

I had to control my drooling in order to get this post completed.  I found some super cute fabric on sale over at and just couldn't pass it up for more Travel Baby Bags!  I might even have a hard time selling bags made with these prints, I love them!  Take a look!

So now that's three more bags itching to be made!  The only problem with all this fabric calling out to me is that I'm supposed to be packing for our move, not sewing.  Hrrm... Do you really have to sleep when you're pregnant??  I mean, there are 24 hours in the day after all, and it seems a shame to waste any of it sleeping when I've got sooo much sewing to do!