Wednesday, March 9, 2011

pancake day

Here in England, Fat Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day!  It's a day of indulgence before the period of abstinence that is Lent, hence the pancakes! 

I love pancakes.  I planned to make a day of it and have different types of pancakes, dressed different ways, for all three meals.  I planned on American and English pancakes.  England has thinner pancakes, more like crepes.  Mr. R brought home a container of shake and pour pancake mix for me.  I figured I would save that for the meal I felt least like making.  We had a bad start to our day so that ended up being breakfast.  Straight away I didn't like the looks of these pancakes.  I cooked them for a loong time and they remained moist.  I don't like moist bready things.  I tried them the traditional way, with honey and lemon.  I couldn't eat the entire thing.  Again, moist bread...  The next one I tried with peanut butter and Nutella.  I was able to eat that one, but I still didn't love it.  Nutella makes everything better, by the way.  Scooch didn't love his either.

For lunch, I made American pancakes.  I served them to Scooch with sliced strawberries, blueberries, and banana/apple puree (aka- baby food).  For mine, I added some maple syrup that I bought special for Pancake Day.  These were MUCH better aside from the maple syrup.  It was only 40% maple syrup. The rest was flavoring and something called carob fruit syrup.  Maple syrup on it's own is sooo sweet.  Why, oh why did it need to be made sweeter?  I thought I had a sweet tooth until I moved here.  Everything has the sweet factor turned up to extreme and it really isn't for me.  But, I guess there had to be something for me to miss in the states.  If it wasn't for the food, I might have no reason to go back (only joking Mom!).
After lunch, I had a seriously sweet stomachache so I put the kibosh on our Pancake Day and made spaghetti for dinner (see previous post).

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