Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Top Sewalong!

One of my favorite bloggers, Rae over here is doing her Spring Top-athon again this year. It's grown from one week to a whole month-long event. This year, I'm helping moderate all the entries that come in. I'm also hoping to get some sewing done myself. I've had a HUGE itch to sew lately, but I seem to have a loss of a major ingredient required. I can't find anything with which to copy my patterns to in order to cut out the fabric and get sewing! When we lived in GA, I would either use freezer paper (which I didn't bring because the roll was huge and heavy), or I would tape together sheets of tracing paper, which I'm certain I brought with us, but cannot find anywhere. So now I'm hunting online for arts and crafts stores in the UK. I can't believe how hard a task that is. It seems like I'm going to have to travel nearly an hour to find one! I might have to talk to some of my local friends to see if there isn't something closer. I've only got until May 9th, and with the little bits of time I get these days, I'll need every minute I can get between now and then. In the meantime, be sure to check out Rae's great blog. Maybe she'll inspire you to start sewing too!

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  1. I love reading your blog when I remember to come to it. I used to sew my boys cloths when they were small too. What fun! I just don't know how you do all you do, Jolene. You are remarkable!