Monday, April 25, 2011

update on 'thick'

We had to go to London two weeks ago, so I used the time in the car when I wasn't holding a screaming baby who should be in his carseat to knit this. (In Monkey's defense, we did get caught in some standstill traffic for more than an hour.) So I got through three balls of the mystery thick yarn and decided I just didn't have enough to finish the sweater. Big bummer since I really had fallen in love with the design (Moshup by Berocco) while working on it. Guess that means another yarn purchase is in my future... Right, like I mind.

So that meant that once again, I was searching for a pattern for this awesome yarn. Before I found Moshup, I had found a really cute bolero; but it was in French. I scoured their English website, but to my great dismay, they had not translated it. That's when I found Moshup and decided to give it a go. Now that that wasn't going to work out, I was again drawn back to that French bolero. I took 4 years of French in High School, but that doesn't mean that I remember any of it (and I don't, honestly). I thought on it for a few hours and then decided, what the hell. I was looking for a new challenge anyway, so translating a French knitting pattern would apparently be it!

A week or so later, my Phildar book arrived and I got right to it. Luckily I found this blog with a French knitting dictionary! She also, thankfully, explains the French math that had me stumped for a bit. Between that, and this and some help from the Ravelry forum, my translation is coming along nicely and I hope to have it completed soon to begin working on my bolero. If I, by some freak chance, don't have enough yarn for this project either, I might just have to let that gorgeous yarn mingle with some other yarn in my stash for a while. *fingers crossed* that that won't be the case.

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