Friday, October 14, 2011

where did the beginning of October go??

Oh my, I do apologize for my huge absence.  I'm not even completely sure I can account for my whereabouts for the past couple weeks.  It seems like I've been planning my Goals for October post (I really liked the idea of setting a few goals for the month from the 30 Days of Lists) in my head for just a couple days, but then this morning I realize it's October 14 already!!  Better trim up a few of those goals...  *ahem*  It's even taken me all week just to get this post up!  I kept having to change the date as the days went by and I still hadn't finished it!

Let's see, I was doing loads of sewing for my Etsy shop opening, but I haven't sewn much in about a week now.  Monkey is have some new sleep troubles (completely not his, or my, fault this time; we have some loose tiles on the house and the wind was super gusty last week, causing much banging right next to Monkey's bed) and so I've been really sleepy the past week or so.  I've found out the hard way that I can't sew when I'm tired.  I learned a long time ago not to rush, even if I only have a small bit of time to sew, but I make more mistakes when I'm tired, and because I'm tired, I don't take the time to correct them.  I always end up unhappy with the results.  So I just don't do it.

I also had some delays with my shop opening due to some supplies getting lost in the mail.  hrm...  BUT: I'm opening my shop NEXT FRIDAY!!  So, come hell or high water, even if I can only list one item, the shop WILL open on Friday, October 21, 8am GMT!  I currently have 12 different items I plan to carry in my shop, some on a made-to-order basis, some ready-made.  Then, depending on how these items sell, I have a few (ok, a LOT) more items I plan to add.  Only one thing is my own design at the moment, but I am licensed to sell the rest.  I'm hoping to design some more of my own items, you know, when I have time, ha!

You'd think with no sewing or blogging going on for a week that the house would be pretty spic and span.  I wish that were true.  Unfortunately I've had a string of migraines and then a head cold; so I've been pretty out of it for a bit.  No wonder I can't believe how far into the month we are, I was in a fog for most of it.  On top of that, Monkey turned one (ONE!) almost two weeks ago already.  Being the loners that we are around here, we just had some cake and presents, and Skype chats with family.  It was nice.  I can't believe my boy is one.  He's walking, chattering away, very independent and stubborn, and quite a comic.  I love him so.

So, I wanted to let you know where I've been.  Now, I'm going to get back to some sewing, hopefully, so I can get a few more things finished for MY SHOP OPENING!  Don't miss it!  There might be a good deal, or a giveaway or two, you never know... *smile*

PS-I edited this post in the dark as the power is completely out in our house while the electrician fixes something that was burning in our fuse box (that's never good).   It's so nice and quiet and peaceful in here.  Mr. R is reading by torch to Scooch, and Monkey is sleeping soundly.  I think I might institute an In the Dark time once a week or so.  Maybe not a full power cut (not so good for the food in the fridge); but lights, tv, and electronics off.  Games and stories by torch are just way more fun than with the lights on anyway, didn't you know?

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