Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FO: a year of Christmas: February edition

 Well here I am again. Late with a post. Are you shocked? Okay, stop laughing. I was going to blame this one on the short month, but I really can't. Not only was it a longer short month than normal, but that wasn't really my problem. I started thinking about this one in plenty of time, around the 10th. Then all of a sudden it was the 29th and I had a week of headaches that kept me from doing much of anything that required lots of concentration and eyestrain. (In case you read this post, they weren't migraines. They were just painful enough to be really annoying and to keep me from doing things to make them worse. OTC drugs don't touch them, and I really can't justify taking the good stuff when I can do everything but the stuff I do for me.)

Anyway, enough moaning, and on to the FOs. I finished these a couple days ago, and finally had some good light today to photograph them. I love these little birds. This is a great pattern. It's pretty quick (for fiddly items, that is), and so far, I've not had one turn out wrong. I love that they each look a little different from each other; with their own little personalities, if you will.

yup, that's a view of my studio in the background. I know, I gotta work on the photos more.

Since I'm a silly girl who thinks too much about things, I matched them. The two on the right are for the kids, with the matching bellies. Mine has the red belly since I thought that print looked more feminine, and mine and Mr. R's have hangers that match the kids' belly's.

 I haven't decided if I'm going to embroider these like I did these. I'm leaning toward yes... 
(would it be cheating to use that as a project one month?)

The other reason I was late getting these done is because I've been a knitting fiend lately. If you have multiple hobbies, do you find that you seem to get more involved with just one at a time? Or do you spread your time evenly between your crafts? I've always considered myself 'shortly passionate'. I will dive into something with everything I have, but then fizzle out pretty quickly and move on to something else. I've finally excepted that about myself and see it as a quirk instead of a flaw. So, look for some knitted FO's coming up shortly. Oh, and look for March's Christmas project too. I better get busy!

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  1. Ohhhh how I miss my creative friend!!!!! I want to be your crafts buddy. You are so inspirational! !!!!