Tuesday, December 15, 2009

26 hour to blast off!

24 hours from now we'll be arriving at the airport, hopefully will everything we need for a trip to Grandma's house (or Nena in our case).  Between now and then, all I have to do is: Pack, finish knitting Dad's Christmas hat, finish the laundry (4 loads plus ironing), clean up the house, change the sheets on our bed, vacuum, mop, make dinner, buy my niece's Christmas present, go get a mani and pedi (ONLY because I have a GC that expires before we get back), have a webcam session with Nena and Papa so little man recognizes them tomorrow, and somewhere in there hopefully spend some time with Mr. R before going to bed and laying awake all night thinking of all the things I forgot to pack.  No problem!


And of course, having a little helper makes it all a little less like chores and a little more, well, awesome.  Even if he does help by unpacking everything I just packed. *smile*

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