Monday, December 14, 2009

Ipod Sleeve

I'm known for getting an idea to make a project, throwing it together super fast, and hating it.  Well I did it again.  I had to get a new Ipod since my old one no longer works (despite my many hours of trying things found online to fix the problem), and I suddenly HAD to have something to put it in to travel with on Wednesday.  So in about 45 minutes today, when I should have been resting and recovering, I put together this Ipod sleeve, which I hate.  I used scraps so I didn't waste any good fabric on it.  I'll use it for this trip and then I'll likely put it in the garage sale we're having soon, and put some thought into one I would actually want to use.  The fun thing about it, and completely unintentional, is that the pattern on the flap matches up with the pattern on the front when it's closed.  Other than that, a big BOO!

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