Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hungry Boy

Today for lunch, I decided to give Scooch all his favorites.  He gets to eat them all himself, with no help, and really enjoys it.  I know when he really really likes something because he doesn't make a sound.  Scooch is rarely silent, so when he is, you know something good has captured his attention.  Well, I started chopping away, and the plate was soon full of food.  A regular, adult-sized plate.  I chuckled to myself and then quickly snapped a photo, just in case.  I figured I would eat what he didn't.

To my surprise, 30 minutes later, this is what the plate looked like:

Nothing was on the floor, nothing was on his tray.  It was all in that little belly of his.  10 short minutes later, he drank a full bottle of milk before going down for his nap.  My sweet, hungry, growing boy.

1 comment:

  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big HEALTHY meal=Big HEALTHY boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!