Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Productive Day!

So now that I'm feeling so much better, I can't seem to sit down for long.  My mother-in-law came on Monday and Tuesday and cleaned the house for me.  Boy did it need it.  I hadn't even vacuumed in over a month (GROSS).  I felt a little bad that she still came with me feeling so much better, but she got it back to where it should always be so hopefully I can maintain it now.  And seriously, she deserves a medal for braving our bathrooms and floors the way they were.  I should have at least provided her with a Hazmat suit or something.

So today, while Scooch was having lunch, I vacuumed the tile again (it's amazing how much dirt Mr. R brings in with his many trips out to smoke...), and cleaned the windows that Scooch can reach (I almost needed a chisel for that).  Then while he napped, I ate lunch, mopped the floors (my MIL just swiffered, which would normally be fine, but when they hadn't been cleaned in so long, they needed to be SCRUBBED), and then I made a bag!  I've been wanting to make this bag for a while, but with our house on the market, sewing was just out of the question unless I could complete an entire project in one sitting.  That's just what I did today!

It's the Lickety Split bag from Made By Rae.  I love her blog, and she makes the best stuff.  This definitely was a lickety split project as I was able to complete it all during naptime.  I wanted to have a new bag for Scooch.  He's a little big for a diaper bag now, but sometimes when we go out for more than a couple hours, he still requires some stuffs.  So now I have a super cool bag just for his stuffs.  And it's big enough for toys too which is the best part!  And I love the tie strap so I can tie it to whatever is close by to keep it near me.

I know the browns don't match, but I really don't care.  I love the way the two prints look together.  Busy, but not too busy for me.  Anyway, in case it hadn't come across yet, I love this bag *grin*.  Then when Scooch got up from his nap, we went outside and went for a walk.  I haven't decided what's on the agenda for this evening yet.  I might need to dig out another small sewing project.  I don't think my itch was sufficiently scratched today.


Oh, and it's reversible too!

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  1. AWESOME! I love that pear great. Thanks for sending the link!! :)