Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i cheated

Remember this post, when I said I was going to translate a French pattern, all by myself?  Ha.  Yea.  Um...  So after spending waaay too much time going between Babylon and  ChezPlum's French Knitting Dictionary (which is really a great resource!), I decided to ask the lovely Sylvie at ChezPlum to do the translation for me.  I was in the right direction, but Sylvie got it done much faster and more efficiently that I did with my severe lack of retention of the four years of French I took in high school.  Besides, let's face it; I really can't afford to be spending time doing stuff like that right now.  I've started sleep-training Oliver, which means that I'm only available to do anything while Oliver is awake.  Ugh.  So until he is sleeping as he should (in his own bed, by himself), it was really nice to have someone do something for me for a change.  So far I've only found one little blip that I was able to correct quickly.  This little bolero is still taking far far too long to complete, being that I have about 30 seconds of knitting time each day lately.

In the land of sewing, I've got fabric cut for these pants for my big boy, these pants for my little boy, and a top from this book for myself.  But alas, they'll have to sit in a neat little pile, collecting dust like the rest of the house, until this sleep thing is taken care of.  Being that little Monkey is so sick right now too, it's going to take much longer than it should. 

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  1. Ok. Don't hate me, but I've finished my Dutch pattern. Well...almost. It got a little dicey at the end and Igor was no help so I just finished it the way I thought it would look best. Close enough right :)