Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flat-Bottom [Camera] Pouch

A month or so ago, I purchased the Flat Bottom Pouches pattern from The Split Stitch.  I loved that it had instructions for three different sizes, and a great covered zipper tutorial.  I didn't have any need for a pouch like this at the time, but come on, we all need more pouches and bags, yes?  (Back me up here, ladies!) 

photo source: The Split Stitch

Then last week, I purchased a backup camera for my DSLR.  Having two small children and an ever-overflowing diaper bag in tow, I would bring the DSLR, but then resent it's bulk and weight on my shoulder.  I still love it dearly, but my new Panasonic Lumix is really proving to be a beautiful backup.  (I will save my full review of the Lumix for another day.)

photo source:

A new camera meant, of course, a new something to keep it in!  I wasn't sure which I was more excited about, to be honest.  I was going to measure the camera and try to design a little bag myself, but then I thought of these neat little pouches.  They have those great boxed bottoms which would be perfect for the thickness of the camera, and the little wrist strap option would be handy for times when I didn't have to be carrying anything else.  I immediately started thinking of things I would change to make it more of a camera carry-bag, but I decided to make my first one straight from the instructions to get the hang of the zipper thing and the design of the pouch in general.  I also needed to see the camera in the bag to decide whether or not to make changes to the dimensions.

First off, this tutorial is amazing.  Sara didn't miss a detail.  Everything is so well explained, with excellent photos every step of the way.  She even suggests what size needles to use for each step and reminds you to change your machine settings and feet where appropriate.  AND, she separated everything into sections, and tells you what they are so you can print out just the covered zipper instructions, for example, if you wanted to use it for another project.  All the instructions are very well thought out and easy to understand.  I didn't have to re-read anything for better understanding.  I think a true beginner could easily make this pouch following Sara's instructions. 

So without further gushing about Sara's wonderful pattern, here's my first attempt at this pouch.  I love how it turned out.

The exterior and lining fabric I got at Jo-Ann's last spring, before moving to England.  The zipper I've had for years and years.  (Somehow I had 4 turquoise zippers, two in the same length.)  The ruffle on the front is from a bag of linen scraps I got on Etsy about two years ago.  There is also an interlining to give it some body, and all I had in my stash was some thick material, similar to cotton duck, that I used on a hat I made for myself.  It's much thicker and stiffer then intended, so I had some trouble when it came to turning everything right side out.  Other than that, everything came together really quickly and easily.

I haven't sewn a zipper in ages and ages, so I was a little nervous about that, but I got it in in one go, wooh!  I love the look of the covered ends.  It really is a cute little bag/pouch/clutch.  I don't have the wrist strap on yet because I didn't have anything to attach it to the zipper just yet. 

Potential camera bag changes:
Right away, I can see at least three things I would change when making a camera bag version of this pouch.  Padding - to help protect the camera; pockets - to hold memory cards, batteries, etc; and possibly length - you can see that this is a bit long for this camera.  Oh, and one other touch that you'll just have to wait for the final version to see.  *wink*

For now, my new Lumix is loving it's cheery temporary home, but I've already got some ideas of what to use that cute little pouch for once I've completed my new camera's permanent housing.


  1. Love the bag. The fabric is very cute, slightly retro and adorable. My goal (one day) is to learn to sew and be semi-productive at creating something.

  2. You did such a beautiful job, and made me blush to boot! Hugs, Sara :)

  3. You're so good at the sewing! I still love the bags you made for me. I'm not sure if I ever told you, but I gave one of them to my mother after she spied it and loved it so much. She carried it to all of her appointments til the end. <3

  4. Ooohh... Love it! I love just about anything with ruffles on it though. :)