Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FO: a year of Christmas, January edition

I actually finished these about a week ago, but being wiped out with a 4-day migraine sort of delayed my life in general for a while. I'm officially recovered [finally] and am getting caught up on my blogging, sewing and knitting now that the house is [sort of] under control.

I really like these cute little ornaments. I completed them in about two evenings while listening to the tv, since it's hard to watch tv and see where you're poking a sewing needle at the same time.


One thing I will say, if you plan to make them, is to use thin tracing paper as your template, or find a way to transfer the design directly onto the felt. I had a heck of a time tearing the tracing paper away without distorting the felt and stitching. Also, the paper moved around a bit, causing some of my stitches to be crooked, but a bit of spray adhesive on the paper might have prevented that. My favorite thing about them is that the snowflake is stitched up with thread from a tin that belonged to my great-grandmother, hence the discolorations on the thread.

I'm not sure what I want to do for February's project. I'll have to go through my pins and magazines again and let you know what I decide on.

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