Monday, May 3, 2010

The Big News

We finally made the announcement that we are moving to England.  It felt good to get the secret out there, after having to hold it in for so long.  Now, Scooch and I leave our home in less than 3 weeks, so the huge packing event is on!  We got a start this weekend.  Not as big a start as I would have liked, but a start is a start.  Plus, this time I started with all the small junky stuff for some reason, so it's tedious.  Do I throw this out, or do I really pack a box of 'junk' to put in storage for three years?  I've been doing great throwing things away.  Mr. R likes to pack in a different room from where I am at the time, so I have a feeling he's keeping a lot more than I would like.  He is definitely not on board with me as far as living simpler.  He seems to think we're going to have endless storage space in England.  I think we'll be lucky for our clothes to fit in our closets, forget all the extras.  I'm already nervous about having a place to store my yarn, fabric and sewing machines.  Plus I just learned that the town we'll be living in is expensive, so I'm expecting our home to be even smaller than most.  Will definitely be an adventure!  I'm really looking forward to getting there and getting settled.

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