Thursday, May 27, 2010

Must. Have. Yarn.

While my Bernina is [hopefully] safely on it's way to the UK, along with all my fabric, I'm more limited in my crafting choices.  I have all my knitting needles with me, as I had planned to make a home for them using my mother's sewing machine.  But, I forgot to pull some yarn out of my bins before they were shipped away.  So I have a hundred million (it seems) needles, but no yarn.  No yarn?!  I had to remedy that immediately.  The one yarn shop I knew of around here closed (so so sad about that, by the way), so it was Michael's to the rescue!  I got some organic cotton to make socks for the new little R2, some nice cozy alpaca for a baby cocoon or two, and some stretchy sock yarn to make manicure socks for Mom and I (however, it's been so hot since I got here, I simply can't imagine putting anything resembling socks on my feet, even if they do have vented toes!)  You can check out what I'm making over at my Ravelry page.  I'll be posting more info and photos (finally!) as things get completed.

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