Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 Days of Lists: my list book

Since 30 Days of Lists starts tomorrow, I had to get a journal/notebook/collection of papers to make my lists in.  Now, for anyone who knows me really well, you'll recognize right away how this book goes against everything that is ME.  I'm using a store-bought notebook.  Yup.  That's right.  I didn't even decorate it.  Yes, it will most likely hurt me physically to write in this book.

Here's the deal:  When we found out we were going to be moving to England for three years, I had to decide what things I could live without in order to cut down on the amount of stuff being shipped here.  Even though I used my papercraft supplies much more frequently than my knitting and sewing supplies, I knew it all couldn't come with me (after all, I do have too many hobbies).  Previously, just for papercraft, I had a desk, a rolling drawer system FULL of stuff, a huge wooden shelf system my dad made for my ink pads, five or six magazine files for card stock, and bins and bins of rubber stamps.  I wish I had a photo to show you the true magnitude of the amount of stuff I have.  So.  It had to go into storage.  I believe just the contents of everything filled 10+ banker boxes.  *wince*

Anyway, that was a lot of words just to say that I don't have the means to put together a little book for this 30 Days project, which, let's face it, is half the fun.  I know that a little hole punch and some binder rings certainly wouldn't break the bank, but I already have at least two hole punches, and binder rings in many sizes hidden in some boxes somewhere in upstate NY, so I couldn't really justify buying more. 

So here it is.  I got it at Target while I still lived in the US.  It's recycled paper, and the pages are part banana leaves!  It was a set of three, and I'm already loving one of them full of lists at the moment, so I figured, why not carry it on?  The first one is lined with a title box at the top of each page.  I use it for everyday lists.  The one I'm using for 30 Days is blank pages.  I figure I can at least have some fun writing the lists since I didn't get to make a fancy book to write them in.  The third one is grid paper, which I might have to use for sewing notes.  Oh my, this is SUCH a long post just to show you this notebook.  *cheeky grin*

Let the list-making begin!!

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  1. i like your list book. beats my steno pad! :)