Wednesday, August 24, 2011

pretty in pink: a recipe

I don't get to use that phrase much, 'pretty in pink', being the only girl in this household so far.  But this pretty lady could be called nothing but.  Scooch and I love having smoothies for breakfast.  Monkey doesn't get to enjoy them yet because of the milk and egg whites that I put in sometimes.  He gets the fruit by itself.

I had trouble drinking these smoothies when I first tried making them because they weren't cold enough.  But then I started adding frozen fruit and it's made all the difference!  I will add whatever fruits we have on hand, but we do have a favorite recipe that I make most often.  Here it is:

Pretty In Pink Smoothies
All quantities are for one person.  Multiply quantities by the number of people you are serving.
1 med-large banana
1/4 peeled apple (I like to use cripps pink, or pink lady apples)
3 large dollops of plain yogurt (greek yogurt works well too), I heap a soup spoon
1 raspberry Danactiv/Actimel (or equivalent in milk)
1/2C or large handful frozen raspberries

Optional ingredients:
Handful blueberries (try adding with a blueberry Danactiv instead of raspberry)
Powdered egg white (very expensive, but only use a teaspoon per person)
Large spoon of peanut butter (when I add this, I use milk instead of Danactiv, and use frozen apples instead of raspberries)

Blend in a blender to desired consistency.

A note on frozen fruit:  I've been so lucky to find frozen fruit here in the UK for a really reasonable price.  I remember this not to be the case in the US.  To help lower the cost of this, you could freeze your own fruit.  Either buy some berries or apples when you find them on sale, or pick your own fresh fruit.  Spread it out on a baking sheet (peel and rough chop the apples), and put in freezer.  When frozen, move fruit to a freezer-safe container.

I love the way the seeds and skins (I used blueberries in this one) stuck to the glass in that photo.

Sometimes we have smoothies for lunch as well; in a green dinosaur.  But then we still have to have some of Mama's from a glass so we can get a messy face.

Experiment with flavors that you like and see what works for you.  Have fun with it.  Toast up some bread, or scramble up some eggs to go along with, and Enjoy!

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